Qigong Foundational Course

The Qigong Foundational Course is the first Qigong online course of its kind, based on the Classical Chinese Medicine Theory of the 5 Elements.

You will learn the 5 Element Zhan Zhuang Posture which works to heal, strengthen and bring into balance the internal organs, the mind and the physical body.

Zhan Zhuang is the oldest most effective form of qigong. It allows the practitioner’s Qi to flow through the blockages, clearing stagnations and at the same time strengthening the internal and external body.

Ba Duan Jin (The Eight Brocade) is primarily designated as a form of medical qigong, meant to improve health. These eight silken movements helps tone up your internal organs and system.

Whether you are looking to release stress & trauma, heal illnesses, cultivate your internal power for athletic performance or deepen your meditation practice, this qigong system can level up the practitioner to reach their maximum potential.

After completing this course you will learn the 6 fundamental Zhan Zhuang Positions, the Wuji position + 5 elements, the first 4 Ba Duan Jin movements and Qigong theory rooted in the Classical Chinese medicine.


  • 6 HD Qigong Full Class Videos
  • 6 Theory Class Videos
  • Foundational Qigong Meridian Warm-Up Exercises
  • Wuji + 5 Element Zhan Zhuang Postures
  • First 4 movements of the Baduanjin
  • 5 Elements
  • Anatomy and Alignment
  • Sequence for Future Practices
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion (Will be available once the final exam is passed)

When: Course Opens June 19, 2021

Platform: Vimeo + Zoom

*there will be no recordings of zoom classes so be sure you are available to join the weekly zoom meetings which is every Saturday. The first class is on June 26 at 4 pm MNL time.

Please note that the exercises, especially Zhan Zhuang, can be physically demanding and strenuous. Participation in the course is at the participants own responsibility.

Foundational Qigong Course: First 2 Class Package

In this package you will enter the first two of the 6 weeks Foundational Qigong Course.

You can avail this at anytime

(there will be no live classes with this package)

12 Video Package +

Live Online Course.

In this course you will learn the 6 independent fundamental zhan zhuang postures which brings tremendous health benefits with regular life long practice.

This foundations course also qualifies practitioners who wants to dive deeper into this qigong system to enroll in the future qigong courses as we expand through these fundamental postures.

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