A Zen Story: ”This Too Shall Pass”

Written by: Sky Yang A king once had all the wealth, but he felt continuously torn between happiness and agony and, he would often go into states of rage, disappointment, and depression. He knew something is not right because he had all the material things money can buy, yet his peace and happiness are neverContinue reading “A Zen Story: ”This Too Shall Pass””

A Zen Story: ”Who Knows What’s Good or Bad”

Written By: Sky Yang Once a farmer lost his horse, the neighbor came and said, “I heard you’ve lost your horse, sorry about the bad news.” The farmer simply replied “Who knows whats good or bad?”. A few days later, that horse came back, and it brought back 15 other horses. At the time, ifContinue reading “A Zen Story: ”Who Knows What’s Good or Bad””